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"Festive" Crystal Art Wall Stickers Set of 4

  • £23.96

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This set includes 4 A4 sheets of crystal art stickers, ready for you to adorn and embellish and use for various crafts and home décor displays. Where you use them as card toppers, window decal or tree decorations.

Your kit will include:

  • A design guide with suggested projects
  • Pre glued and pre cut stickers (38) in various traditional snowflake designs
  • Two pick up pens
  • Two pick up trays
  • Two blocks of gel
  • Bags for left over crystals
  • Pre bagged and labelled crystals to adorn your stickers

The Festive designs include:

  • Snowflakes
  • Snow globe
  • Christmas trees
  • Stars
  • Flowers
  • Christmas Gnomes Gonks

Features and Benefits:

  • -           Easy to use
  • -           Diamond painting for all skill levels
  • -           Functional and useable stickers
  • -           Huge bulk and mass make kits with 38 stickers of varied sizes



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