Forever Flowers Vintage Flower Mix makes approx 105 Flowers

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Forever Flowers Vintage Flower Mix makes approx 105 Flowers

This beautiful collection of vintage coloured flowers will give you the perfect combination for arrangements, wreaths and displays. It’s also a fantastic taster kit and introduction to some of our most popular Forever Flowerz ranges and all you need; materials and tools are included! 

You will make a combination of these flowers in beautiful shades of soft purples, pinks and peach:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Roses
  • Camellias
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Begonias: in two colours

You will receive everything you need in labelled bags. We recommend keeping at least one component in the bag so you can easily identify the shapes and elements required for each flower. 

  • 240 petals for Chrysanthemums: A
  • 120 petals for Begonias: B
  • 120 petals or Begonias: C
  • 150 petals for Camellias: D
  • 135 petals for Hydrangeas: E
  • 20 petals for Roses: F
  • 40 petals for Roses: G
  • 40 petals for Roses: H
  • 45 Hydrangea stems: I
  • 5 Hydrangea bases: J
  • 135 Hydrangea caps: K
  • 100 flower stems: L
  • 60 small clear cups: M
  • 40 medium basket cups: N
  • 20 large basket cups: O
  • 80 base caps: P
  • 20 large leaf base caps: S