FF-FWR2NEW: Forever Flowerz Decadent Wreath, Leaves and Berries Kit

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Forever Flowerz Premium Wreath and Leaves Kit:

This stunning wreath set allows you to create two wreaths with a mixture of fern foliage and buds. With the addition of flower connectors, you can select your favourite flowers to further embellish and fill your wreaths. You will need to add flowers to stretch your foliage to cover both wreaths, if you want a full finish and use every connector on the bases.

The mixture of foliage will take these wreaths through every season, and the ease of Forever Flowerz and the connectors, is that you can change the colours and types of flowers whenever you want a change. The flower connectors give you a raised base to attach your flowers onto, this stands them proud of the foliage and allows them to be seen above. This set gives you a neutral but decorative base to work with.

Not only can the wreaths be hung on the wall, with the hook attachment, they make beautiful table centres with candles. *PLEASE NOTE Your foliage and flowers must not be near an open flame, ensure you use a battery-operated candle or candle in a votive for protection.

You will receive:

  • 1 x 28cm wreath base with stem attachments
  • 1 x 21cm wreath base with stem attachments
  • 130pcs fern stems
  • 30pcs light leaves and bud stems
  • 20pcs flower connector stems
  • 10pcs Red Berries