Forever Flowerz MDF Rainbow Base - FF_MRAIN

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This rainbow shaped MDF base is perfect for many different crafting projects. The holes throughout the base are specifically made to hold the stems of your Forever Flowerz from Craft Buddy. There are 154 holes, but using larger flowers will mean some of these holes will be covered. 

You would need approximately 84 of your smaller flowers but using things like Peonies or Dahlias will give you more coverage. You can also use the Forever Flowerz foliage for a natural finish.

The holes can also be covered with gems or crystals. Bring and MDF base, you can paint, ink, stamp and emboss to bespeak your piece even further.

The rainbow measures 39cm by 24cm at its widest points.


  • 1 x Forever Flowerz MDF Rainbow Base